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The extra wide platform provides plenty of space to move sideways and it is in fact wider than the platform on our workbenches. Despite their extra wide platform, the RETEE-level ladders are very light and extremely sturdy. The perforated surface of the work platform provides excellent grip for those working on the ladder. The holes on the platform are also designed in a way that will allow water to drain out and thus prevent it from freezing to the platform.

On top of the ladder is a case for small items such as a knife, a pen and a screwdriver.

Ladders are safe to use when they are used properly. Read more about it in our Instruction for safe use of ladders -section.

  • Working platform size of 760 x 400 mm
  • Hip support height 640 mm
  • Meets the EN-131 standard
  • 80 mm deep grooved steps
Dimensions and specifications
RETEE-44 pcs94 cm93,50 cm99 cm12,5 kg171,5 cm
RETEE-55 pcs120 cm96,50 cm

116 cm

14 kg199 cm
RETEE-5 P5 pcs126 cm120 cm118 cm

17 kg

203 cm
RETEE-66 pcs144 cm99,50 cm135 cm17 kg226 cm
RETEE-6 P6 pcs150 cm130 cm137 cm20 kg230 cm