• Adjustable legs -75 - Suomi-Tikas Oy
Product codeSÄÄTÖJALAT-75
  • Overview

Adjustable up to 200 mm with 6,2 mm interval.

This product does not include ladders, but it is an accessory for them. Product includes as standard the fastening parts for lower support bars. The width of the bar is dependant of the ladders used. Because of this the lower support bars must be ordered separately.

Assembly manual for adjustable legs (pdf).

Adjustable legs -75 is suitable with these ladders:

Single ladders
Model KT-140
Model KT-150
Model KT-160

2-part extension ladders
Model KTS-261
Model KTS-272
Model KTS-284

3-part extension ladders
Model KTS-360
Model KTS-375
Model KTS-390

2-part combination ladders
Model KTY-261
Model KTY-272

3-part combination ladders
Model KTY-350
Model KTY-360
Model KTY-375
Model KTY-390

1-part element ladder
Model ETS-130

2-part element ladders
Model ETS-261
Model ETS-272

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