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The handrails, standard in the product, make it easier to get up and down the ladder. Equipped with lower support beams, even higher 4T-ladders also meet the Vna205/2009 ladder guidelines for construction sites. The 4T-ladder is our best-selling model for level ladders over 150 cm.

Our ladders are safe to use, when they are operated correctly. Read more from the “safe use of the ladders”.

  • 80 mm deep grooved steps
  • Working platform size of 420 x 400 mm
  • Hip support height 890 mm
  • Meets the EN-131 standard
Dimensions and specifications
4T-1044 pcs94 cm59 cm99 cm10,5 kg197 cm
4T-1055 pcs120 cm62 cm116 cm12 kg225 cm
4T-105 P5 pcs126 cm90 cm116 cm

14 kg

231 cm
4T-1066 pcs144 cm65 cm133 cm14 kg253 cm
4T-106 P6 pcs150 cm110 cm133 cm16 kg259 cm
4T-1077 pcs172 cm68 cm150 cm15,5 kg281 cm
4T-107 P7 pcs178 cm120 cm150 cm18,5 kg287 cm
4T-1088 pcs194 cm71 cm167 cm16,5 kg309 cm
4T-108 P8 pcs200 cm130 cm167 cm19,5 kg315 cm

P-models include 2 lower support beams


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