How to choose a ladder?

How to recognize a good ladder? How to know that the ladder is safe and designed for professional use? We have gathered the most important things to consider when acquiring a new ladder for safe and durable use. Read more below.



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Small and unnoticeable supports behind the step matter – a lot

When you are looking for longevity and sturdy frame, it is important to remember the supports behind each step. These supports connect the steps to the frame of the ladder, enforcing the lateral movement of the ladder, making the ladder feel stronger and keeping the sturdiness intact.


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Housing profile or a C-profile for the step?

Most of the ladders are manufactured either from C-model aluminum profile, or from the so-called housing profile. These methods ensure both vertical and horizontal stability and sturdiness of the ladders.

Thus, the stability and twisted rigidity is guaranteed using a housing profile and adding supports behind the steps.





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Square step or a round step?

Ladders are manufactured with square and round steps. The round step is overall more slippery and dangerous compared to the square steps.

The square steps lock to the ladder frame without a risk of dangerously loosening up: they cannot spin under a foot even if completely loose.


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The angle of the step?

However, the previously mentioned square step is only safe if it is correctly installed, into a right angle. If the ladder is meant to be a regular ladder rather than directly upward climbing ladder, it is safer to choose a square step ladder where the angle has been calculated. If the steps have been attached to the frame in a zero angle, or directly along the frame, foot will rest on the edge of the step, causing pain and making the step more slippery.


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Step and level surface

Especially, if the ladders are used outside or otherwise wet conditions, it is important to choose ladders with proper and clearly distinguishable surface pattern to stop slipping and skidding. Well-designed patterns mostly have two tasks, they provide traction and let water escape the surface.





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Secure anti-skids

The purpose of an anti-skid is to stop the floor from being scratched, and to hold the ladder in place without skidding. The Suomi-Tikas anti-skids are made from high quality, slightly softer plastic or rubber, providing the ultimate hold. You may try the anti-skid by putting weight on the ladder and trying to move it.




Spare parts or a new ladder?

In professional use, the stoppers and anti-skids sometimes wear out, so instead of buying new ladders, Suomi-Tikas provides these spare parts for its ladder models. This is not only efficient and good for the customer, but also for the environment.